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+Title: Dscuss
+Name: Dscuss
+Summary: Project of developing a decentralized network for public discussion.
+Copyright: (c) 2011-2015 Vitaly Minko
+ Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 and
+ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License
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+Date: 25 Jan 2018
+Priority: 4
+**Dscuss** is a free software for public discussion. It builds an unstructured pure
+P2P topic-based publish-subscribe network. Currently it's in early development.
+The idea of the project
+The purpose of Dscuss is quite similar to the [Internet forums][forum_wiki], but
+there is one fundamental difference -- social equality of all members involved
+(i.e no owners, no moderators, etc).
+This leads to the following key features, which will be provided by Dscuss:
+* _Decentralization_. All the information will be stored on the users' machines.
+* _Personal censorship_. Every user will be able to manage her own copy of data
+ and may share her management operations (edit message, remove message, ban
+ user and so on) with others, who would like to accept them.
+Besides that, Dscuss is designed to provide the following features:
+* _Data authenticity_
+* _Data integrity_
+* _Data availability_
+* _SPAM resistance_
+* _Flood resistance_
+Dscuss is not intended to provide anonymity. However, this can probably be
+achieved using anonymizers like [Tor][tor_home]
+Dscuss is written in Go and currently has the following dependencies:
+* [][ish_home] - Library for creating interactive cli applications.
+* [][gosql] - [SQLite][sql_home] driver.
+* [][scrpt] - Library implementing "Stronger Key
+ Derivation via Sequential Memory-Hard Functions".
+Initially Dscuss was supposed to be built on top of the [GNUnet][gn_home]
+framework, but later it was considered not suitable for the purposes of Dscuss.
+How to get the source code
+The source code is available under GPL3. To fetch the latest source code from
+the git repository, run the following command:
+ git clone git://
+To compile the source code run `make` in the root of the downloaded directory.
+Progress of development
+What is done so far:
+* Command-line interface.
+* The crypto subsystem.
+* Basics of the storage subsystem.
+* Registration (via proof-of-work).
+What is planned for the proof-of-concept version:
+* The network subsystem.
+* Bootstrapping (via list of rendezvous nodes).
+* Membership (maintaining connections with other peers).
+* Subscription to categories (by editing a text file).
+* Handshaking.
+* Publishing a message.
+* Listing a category.
+* Threading (replying to messages).
+* Operations on messages and users.
+* Database synchronization with other peers.
+* Bootstrapping (via DHT).
+Similar projects
+[Osiris]( -- a freeware program for creating
+decentralized web portals.