AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
23 hoursFixed indentation in HTML markup files.HEADmasterVitaly Minko
32 hoursSlightly improved markup of the profile page.Vitaly Minko
40 hoursImplemented peer listing and peer history viewer in the WebUI.Vitaly Minko
5 daysImplemented listing of operations in the WebUI.Vitaly Minko
8 daysImplemented WebUI for displaying profiles of arbitrary users.Vitaly Minko
9 daysImplemented WebUI for banning users.Vitaly Minko
10 daysImplemented WebUI for removing messages.Vitaly Minko
12 daysFinished implementing handlers for the profile page.Vitaly Minko
13 daysAdded missing source file.Vitaly Minko
13 daysFixed several bugs in the moderator management handlers.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-09Implemented owner's profile page.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-06Implemented thread creation in the Web UI.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-05Fixed broken links on the thread listing page.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-05Fixed several minor bugs.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-04Non-functional improvements,Vitaly Minko
2019-06-03Implemented /reply in the Web UI.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-01Improved HTML templates for /board and /thread.Vitaly Minko
2019-05-31Implemented thread listing in the Web UI.Vitaly Minko
2019-05-28Started implementing Web UI.Vitaly Minko
2019-03-22Enhanced brief description of the project.Vitaly Minko
2019-03-22Corrected titles in the documentation.Vitaly Minko
2019-03-21Corrected error in protocol documentation.Vitaly Minko
2019-02-22Added link to the cgit web interface in the documentation.Vitaly Minko
2019-02-02Updated class dia and external dependencies.Vitaly Minko
2019-02-02Updated current progress of development in the documentation.Vitaly Minko
2019-02-02Implemented simultaneous support of multiple address providers.Vitaly Minko
2019-02-01Added several new autotests.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-29Implemented new address provider: DHTCrawler.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-19Updated current progress of development in the documentation.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-19Fixed bugs in the implementation of the syncing protocol. Added autotestVitaly Minko
2019-01-18Implemented lshist command. Added autotests for the user history feature.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-15Fixed several bugs, recovered autotests.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-08Implemented the synchronization protocol.Vitaly Minko
2018-12-11Added scheme of the peer database.Vitaly Minko
2018-12-10Designed peer synchronization.Vitaly Minko
2018-12-05Added manual describing how to run autotests.Vitaly Minko
2018-12-04Added several new autotests.Vitaly Minko
2018-12-04Fixed error in Minko
2018-12-02Fixed bugs in autotests.Vitaly Minko
2018-12-02Added a bunch of new autotests.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-29Implemented three new autotests.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-27Implemented testbed for autotesting (with only 4 tests so far).Vitaly Minko
2018-11-16Added verification of the protocol version to the handshaking process.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-14Fixed punctuation error in the docs.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-14Added classification of systems for public discussion.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-11Added information how to get the source code of the proof-of-concept version.proof-of-conceptVitaly Minko
2018-11-10Fixed minor bug in the 'reg' command.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-10Fixed bugs in the latest changes.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-08Minor improvements before proof-of-concept release.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-06Added godoc wrapper for generating API documentation.Vitaly Minko