AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-28Removed the obsolete compilation instruction from the main document.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-28Fixed typo in the WebUI service.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-28Minor correction in documentation.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-15Fixed a bug in the Web UI for listing operations on messages.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-15Fixed a bug in the Web UI for banning users.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-15Disabled verbose DHT debugger.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-15Added port argument for the WebUI service.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-14Increased the default size of form tables (WebUI).Vitaly Minko
2019-09-14Added the node setup manual.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-13Fixed race conditions in autotests.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-13Removed useless config parameter DHTAddress.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-12Fixed a deadlock in PeerPool.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-10Fixed race condition in PeerPool.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-08Fixed bug in the message synchronization mechanism.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-07Fixed two bugs in the flood protection mechanism.Vitaly Minko
2019-08-30Added new package io, which implements LimitedReader.Vitaly Minko
2019-08-30Merge branch 'master' of dscuss.Vitaly Minko
2019-08-30Updated UML sequence diagrams.Vitaly Minko
2019-07-11Updated the UML class dia with the latest changes in interfaces.Vitaly Minko
2019-07-10Updated current progress of development in the documentation.Vitaly Minko
2019-07-05Fixed markup errors in godoc.Vitaly Minko
2019-07-05Limited max size of subscriptions.Vitaly Minko
2019-07-02Implemented protection against disk flooding attacks.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-29Improved security: limited the max packet size and the max depth of threads.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-25WebUI for [un]subscription no longer requires backend restart.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-25Made minor improvements in the CSS and HTML markup files.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-24Fixed indentation in HTML markup files.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-23Slightly improved markup of the profile page.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-23Implemented peer listing and peer history viewer in the WebUI.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-19Implemented listing of operations in the WebUI.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-17Implemented WebUI for displaying profiles of arbitrary users.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-15Implemented WebUI for banning users.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-15Implemented WebUI for removing messages.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-13Finished implementing handlers for the profile page.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-11Added missing source file.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-11Fixed several bugs in the moderator management handlers.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-09Implemented owner's profile page.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-06Implemented thread creation in the Web UI.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-05Fixed broken links on the thread listing page.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-05Fixed several minor bugs.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-04Non-functional improvements,Vitaly Minko
2019-06-03Implemented /reply in the Web UI.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-01Improved HTML templates for /board and /thread.Vitaly Minko
2019-05-31Implemented thread listing in the Web UI.Vitaly Minko
2019-05-28Started implementing Web UI.Vitaly Minko
2019-03-22Enhanced brief description of the project.Vitaly Minko
2019-03-22Corrected titles in the documentation.Vitaly Minko
2019-03-21Corrected error in protocol documentation.Vitaly Minko
2019-02-22Added link to the cgit web interface in the documentation.Vitaly Minko
2019-02-02Updated class dia and external dependencies.Vitaly Minko