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2019-09-15Disabled verbose DHT debugger.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-13Removed useless config parameter DHTAddress.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-12Fixed a deadlock in PeerPool.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-10Fixed race condition in PeerPool.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-08Fixed bug in the message synchronization mechanism.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-07Fixed two bugs in the flood protection mechanism.Vitaly Minko
2019-08-30Added new package io, which implements LimitedReader.Vitaly Minko
2019-07-02Implemented protection against disk flooding attacks.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-29Improved security: limited the max packet size and the max depth of threads.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-23Implemented peer listing and peer history viewer in the WebUI.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-01Improved HTML templates for /board and /thread.Vitaly Minko
2019-02-02Implemented simultaneous support of multiple address providers.Vitaly Minko
2019-02-01Added several new autotests.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-29Implemented new address provider: DHTCrawler.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-19Fixed bugs in the implementation of the syncing protocol. Added autotestVitaly Minko
2019-01-18Implemented lshist command. Added autotests for the user history feature.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-15Fixed several bugs, recovered autotests.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-08Implemented the synchronization protocol.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-16Added verification of the protocol version to the handshaking process.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-08Minor improvements before proof-of-concept release.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-04Replaced all methods Desc() with String().Vitaly Minko
2018-11-04Finalizing proof-of-concept version.Vitaly Minko
2018-10-30Fixed several bugs related to moderation.Vitaly Minko
2018-10-26Implemented the last part of moderation feature.Vitaly Minko
2018-10-13Implemented first part of moderation feature.Vitaly Minko
2018-10-06Finished implementing threads.Vitaly Minko
2018-10-04Implemented business logic for transmitting dependent entities.Vitaly Minko
2018-09-27Implemented threading (part 1: creation, storing, viewing).Vitaly Minko
2018-09-21Fixed few bugs.Vitaly Minko
2018-09-18Implemented user subscriptions.Vitaly Minko
2018-09-10Now it's possible to send messaged between peers.Vitaly Minko
2018-08-30Implemented Storage and Message entity.Vitaly Minko
2018-06-22Handshaking is not stable. Fixed several bugs.Vitaly Minko
2018-06-17Debugging StateHandshaking, fixed few bugs here and there.Vitaly Minko
2018-06-04Created new packages owner and errors.Vitaly Minko
2018-05-25Implemented Peer and StateIdle.Vitaly Minko
2018-05-14Implemented Connection.Read() and Connection.Write().Vitaly Minko
2018-05-13First part of the protocol implementation.Vitaly Minko
2018-04-29Changed source code structure:Vitaly Minko