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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-13Fixed race conditions in autotests.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-13Removed useless config parameter DHTAddress.Vitaly Minko
2019-09-12Fixed a deadlock in PeerPool.Vitaly Minko
2019-06-11Fixed several bugs in the moderator management handlers.Vitaly Minko
2019-02-02Implemented simultaneous support of multiple address providers.Vitaly Minko
2019-02-01Added several new autotests.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-29Implemented new address provider: DHTCrawler.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-19Fixed bugs in the implementation of the syncing protocol. Added autotestVitaly Minko
2019-01-18Implemented lshist command. Added autotests for the user history feature.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-15Fixed several bugs, recovered autotests.Vitaly Minko
2019-01-08Implemented the synchronization protocol.Vitaly Minko
2018-12-04Added several new autotests.Vitaly Minko
2018-12-02Fixed bugs in autotests.Vitaly Minko
2018-12-02Added a bunch of new autotests.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-29Implemented three new autotests.Vitaly Minko
2018-11-27Implemented testbed for autotesting (with only 4 tests so far).Vitaly Minko